There are few things more liberating than traveling with nothing but a carry-on overhead and a personal item at your feet. For one, you get to skip the baggage claim scene entirely, so you can go directly from the jetway to the rideshare pickup area. Also, you will save money on baggage fees, which seem to increase yearly.

Traveling light is an acquired skill, but once you get on board with the idea, achieving such a milestone becomes second nature and fun. If you’re intrigued by suitcase-free travel, here are some tips to help you achieve your goal.

Invest in Luxury Travel Clothes

If the objective is to pack light, you need to pare down your travel wardrobe to a few key pieces. Luxury travel clothes are fashionable and functional, so you can easily wear them in New York, Paris, or Milan without looking out of place. Look for luxury travel clothes made from the finest European materials that are modern, chic, and something you would wear in your everyday life.

Minimize Your Wardrobe

Before packing, think about what you truly need and what could stay at home. Where are you going? More importantly, knowing what type of weather to expect can do wonders for your packing list and help you decide which pieces you need. To make paring down your packing list easier, opt for pieces that mix and match effortlessly, like a skinny cargo pant in black that coordinates with any top. Build a travel capsule wardrobe consisting of a few high-quality luxury travel pieces meant to be worn multiple times on a trip. This way, you’ll fit a whole week’s worth of outfits into just one carry-on bag.

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

The easiest way to free up space in your carry-on and stay within your weight limit is to wear bulky items on your body. In other words, pack your lightweight clothing and wear your sweater or coat on the plane. Another way to save some space is to streamline your outerwear. Instead of packing several hoodies, sweaters, and jackets, pick one versatile, lightweight jacket, like a safari jacket, that can be worn throughout the entire trip and easily stuffed into a backpack or carry-on.

Use Popular Packing Hacks

Even if you’re diligent about bringing only the bare necessities, you might still struggle with a lack of space in your carry-on. Fortunately, there are packing hacks to save the day. Packing cubes are durable fabric containers stacked neatly in a backpack or suitcase. You can organize your items into individual cubes so all your pieces are separated, easier to find, and less wrinkled. Many travelers have found that rolling clothes instead of folding them is a major game-changer. Rolled clothes are more compact and space-saving than clothes folded and packed in a traditional method.

Plan on Laundry

Ideally, you should pack no more than one whole week of clothing in your carry-on. You can wash and dry your luxury travel pieces at your destination if your trip exceeds a week. The beauty of luxury travel clothing is you can wash your travel pants in the hotel sink and hang them to dry, and they dry rapidly, thanks to the moisture-wicking capabilities of premium fabric. In addition, they don’t require dry-cleaning or ironing, making luxury travel clothes a worthwhile investment.

About Anatomie

Anatomie offers luxury travel clothes for women who want to wander the world while looking chic and stylish. Founded in 2006 by Kate and Shawn Boyer, this elevated luxury travel clothing brand combines the finest European materials with functionality to withstand the many demands of travel. Anatomie’s travel clothes are lightweight, taking up less space in your suitcase, and easy to mix and match. They’re also low maintenance, requiring no ironing or dry cleaning for a worry-free wardrobe that allows you to focus on your travels. Anatomie’s apparel is wrinkle-free, quick-drying, moisture-wicking, super-lightweight, and specifically designed with the versatility and flexibility to accommodate an active travel lifestyle.

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